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Aerospace at Lehigh

Lehigh AIAA aims to foster and encourage interest in aerospace engineering and science at Lehigh University. Currently, aerospace studies and research span a wide range of experiences, from the first-year undergraduate to the Ph.D. student.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics is currently pursuing several large-scale research projects funded by a variety of organizations, including NASA and the U.S. military. The department funds many graduate students at both the Master's and doctoral levels. Research covers a wide range of fields from fluid mechanics to spacecraft control systems to orbital mechanics. Professors directly involved with aerospace research include:

Dr. Joachim Grenestedt

Dr. Keith Moored

Dr. Justin Jaworski

Dr. Terry Hart


Packard Lab, the ancestral home of engineering at Lehigh University, also plays host to the Aerospace Systems Lab, which contains a closed-loop subsonic wind tunnel, an electronics workstation, and various hardware and prototypes for graduate and undergraduate projects. The fluid mechanics laboratories hold several water tunnels and computing stations, and nearby Fritz Lab also contains a wind tunnel. Packard Lab is also equipped with several open-use machine shops, CNC mills, and a waterjet cutter, and the Composites Lab fabricates many components for aerospace research.


Interest in aerospace thrives among the undergraduate students in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. In addition to Lehigh's student branch of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, there is a long-standing aerospace club which focuses on building and flying model aircraft. Students frequently participate in trips to FAA and NASA facilities, aerospace companies, and on-campus events. Academically, Lehigh also offers a diverse Aerospace Engineering minor. More information on undergraduate projects can be found on the "Projects" page.